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We are all keen cyclists and therefore we like to see as many people out on their bikes as we can, but we know it isn’t always that simple. So when you need a helping hand the team are here and always love a challenge!

Our mechanics are fully trained by Cytech. Cytech is the internationally recognised training and accreditation scheme for bicycle technicians. Cytech delivers training and promotion of technical skills to the cycle trade and enthusiasts worldwide. Not only are our mechanics trained by Cytech, but our residents that are experiencing homeless also get the opportunity to train to the same level!

How does it work?

Pop into our shop on Princess Street Tuesday to Saturday and see our team. A member of our staff will carry out a quick assessment & a rough estimate of the cost of repair/service. They will let you know how long it will take and let you know when to come back to collect.


We will give you an estimate price that is subject to change depending on what else may be found whilst doing a repair or service. However, we do like to make clear to each customer is that we will contact you if the price is going to be more than £10.00 over the estimate. Below is a guide for service repairs.

Puncture repair (new tube fitted)from £10
Wheel truefrom £10
Interim service – Brakes & Gearsfrom £15 +parts
General service – Brakes, Gears, Tyre pressures,
Wheel check, Chain lubrication and Headset
from £30 +parts
Full service – Brakes, Gears, Tyre pressures, Wheel check,
Chain lubrication, Headset, Hub service, Bottom bracket service
and Headset service
from £70 +parts

Pre-event safety check – from £10

Are you event ready? Let Recycles complete a pre-event safety check to ensure your bike gives you its best on event day. Just bring along your event registration and we will complete the safety check from just £10 and advise you how to get the full potential out of your bike.

Are you into cyclecross or mountain biking? Does your bike get dirty a lot?

Fed up with cleaning it, let us do it for you. We’ll wash, clean and lube up the chain saving you the hassle and time. Prices from £20

Everybody knows Recycles is the place to come to for refurbished bikes.

But did you also know we are as keen to keep people on the road as we are to get them on a bike in the first place?

That’s why we are the go-to place for any mechanical work, but also for bike accessories (new and old).

Depending on whether you are looking for a refurbished bike, or need a fix, or you want to buy some bits

Here’s what you need to know:

Our showroom always has a range of professionally refurbished bikes for sale, in various shapes and sizes, from kiddies’ cycles to Tour de France-style racers. 

The stock is too varied and changes too quickly to be listed here or sold online, so if you are looking for a bike, the answer is to simply call in and have a browse. You might get lucky and be able to ride it away within minutes.

Even if you can’t see anything suitable, stop for a chat with a member of staff – because the bike you are looking for may be in the process of being refurbished, or it could already be ready to ride, but hasn’t quite made it into the shop yet. 

Either way, tell us what you want, and we’ll find you something suitable.

As part of the service, we always make sure every bike is correctly set up for its rider, so we spend a few minutes checking, and adjusting, if necessary, before any bike leaves the shop.

It is always worth repeating that all our bikes are fully refurbished to a high standard and thoroughly checked for safety by a professional mechanic before they are allowed out the door.

Even so, small corrections are often necessary, a few weeks later (for example, to stretched cables), but the good news is we encourage you to bring it back for a checkover and whatever adjustments are necessary – all free of charge. 

Notice that we never call our bikes ‘secondhand’.

As Simon, our shop manager, points out: “‘Secondhand’ bikes are what you might buy from eBay or through an advert in a shop window. You never quite know what you are getting with those bikes, but if you come here, you can see the bike and – more importantly – be sure that safety is paramount. Every single bike we sell has had the full professional treatment. So we don’t do ‘secondhand’; we do ‘refurbished’!”

If you already have a bike but it has developed a problem, we can help. 

As well as recycling used bikes for resale, we are also set up to do all kinds of mechanics, from quick repairs to extensive servicing, to keep your bike on the road.

It’s best to bring the bike in and have a chat with one of our mechanics, who will give you a free diagnosis and suggest a cure.

It doesn’t matter whether you’ve broken a spoke, or your gears are slipping, or your bike has been in the shed for years and needs somebody to breathe new life into it; if it needs fixing, come to us.

We handle every kind of bike imaginable – children’s, tandems, recliners, mountain bikes, hybrids, road bikes, trikes; you name it – and we can sometimes even do mechanical repairs on electric bikes (although, sadly, not work involving the motor or battery).

If your bike needs servicing, come in and check out the various options available, from quick safety checks to getting your bike ready for the summer or winter, and even a complete overhaul.

If you need a new component fitted (including if you’ve already bought it), but you don’t have the time, skills or tools to do it, that’s another thing you can leave to us.

And if you’ve bought a new bike that was supplied flat-packed and you need somebody to assemble it for you – you know where to come!

Even if you are not really sure what the problem is, bring yourself and the bike in and we’ll take a look!

We can also advise on whether your bike is suitable for you. It’s common for people to struggle on with a bike that is too big, too small or just incorrectly set up, and if that sounds like your issue, trust us to sort you out; there is often a simple solution.

If, for any reason, you require specialist services that we don’t provide, never mind. Sometimes it’s not what you know, but who you know – and we are well connected, so we are always happy to advise and pass you on to other trusted local professionals, if necessary.

Small problems can often be solved quickly, but if it’s going to be a longer job or we are busy, we may schedule you into our diary, and will call you when the bike is ready.

And the last thing to say about all this is: whatever you want us to do, we offer not only a professional service, but great value for money, and our expert advice is always free!

If you need any bits for your bike, from a new helmet to a new bell, mudguard, bag, inner tubes or tyres – and much more besides – come and see us. 

We stock brand new products from leading suppliers – in fact, virtually everything you need for your bike, apart from clothing – so drop in and have a browse.

If we don’t have exactly what you want, don’t worry – if necessary we can even advise on the best, fastest and cheapest suppliers, either locally or online.

Did you say ‘strip club’?”. No, it’s Stripped Club. It’s our way of making available some of the many components that we’ve stripped down from bikes during recycling and put into storage. We don’t have the facility to sell these old parts in the shop, so we regularly open up our storeroom, which contains thousands of bike parts, tools and accessories, so the public can come in and browse.  

Although it’s called Stripped Club, don’t worry: there is no entry fee, and no club membership is necessary. In fact, everything is sold at reasonable and sometimes nominal prices, so expect amazing value for money.

What is available at any one opening of the Stripped Club obviously varies, depending on what we have in the store at the time, but in the past we have sold: chain rings, pumps, bells, tyre leavers, saddlebags, nuts, bolts, washers, handlebars, spanners, wheels, frames, cassettes, cables, bottle holders, and much more. We sometimes even have cycling books for sale, and accessories such as lubricant and sunglasses. You never know what you might get!

Stripped Club generally happens once every quarter (outside pandemic lockdowns), but check out this website and social media for the schedule and full details.

Our next Stripped Club is…

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